Hi, I’m Nai

the creator behind Prismatic Reader. I’m partial to vibrant and compassionate books and art. I write in English and my native Korean, often juggling both at the same time.

This website is a chamber full of bits and pieces. My small thoughts on books, compelling art, fleeting emotions, and the gurgles of my baby. This space has changed with me as I moved through different, and a lot of times unexpected, moments.

I’m grateful that you’re here, sharing your thoughts and feelings, across lands and oceans.

This is a Dissertation?!

This website first came to life as my English PhD dissertation. Yes, seriously. And naturally, it came with many questions.

“Does a website count as a dissertation?”
Why bother making it so public? Who cares about what you have to say?”

A dissertation is meant to be “a culmination of your academic endeavor.”
Your endeavor. Your story.

But I wanted to tell my story that also speaks to others.

Who cares what I have to say?
Those whose life stories hum with mine.

So came this space. To reach out and share unfinished experiences and murmurs. Sometimes with words, in others with fragments of colors and sounds.

I hope this space serves you in a way that you need now, however small and fleeting.

I am grateful to the Mandel Center for the Humanities at Brandeis University for their support for this project.